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ITMP is positioning itself as the leading provider for human-centered design, with a strong economic lens, in Europe. We combine the power of one of Europe's leading business schools - the University of St.Gallen (HSG) - with a highly qualified and interdisciplinary team. Therefore, over the past 10 years we had the honour to work for all main industries: from Sports to Insurance, Finance and to the Manufacturing industry.


In general, we are curious to apply Design Thinking and other Human-centered Design methods to any given wicked problem. Still, over the last years we specialized in several projects within the following industries:

- Health: In this particular industry we worked globally for most of the leading brands and companies. Our expertise reaches from patient-related projects to clinical trial processes but we also cover internal production and administrative processes.

- Automotive: With focus on seamless mobility and building new ecosystems in the aftermarket we cover innovative and highly agile sectors in the Automobile industry. Topics like car data access, the use of Blockchain technology or Big Data are dealt with in our projects.

- Sports: In cooperation with several associations and global organizations we run projects globally with focus on football for women and men. One of our core strengths is to conduct purpose driven field research, especially in remote areas in Europe and Asia and Africa. We helped, for example, to define a strategy to support football clubs to enter an IT-enabled future.

- Utility: We are happy to have worked with the leading players in this industry. Within our projects we we’ve dealt with alternative energy methods, securing supply and optimizing operational efficiency. Additionally, we’ve been involved in the expansion of business models to position our clients as a full-service provider.   


- Manufacturing: Taking a leap into Industry 4.0 needs a highly tailored strategy. Our international clients trust in our expertise and develop together with us their future. From production processes to machine design. We bring in our expertise from the IT and engineering paired with a human-centered strategy. This individual digitization strategy has shown to successfully prepare our clients for a highly competitive market.


- Financial Institutions: Our work with financial institutions brings us into the development of new processes and design of financial applications for different target groups. We deem this to be an exciting segment with lots of potential for innovative use cases.

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