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 Our Training approach. 

Innovation skills and mindset need to be fostered. We help you with it.
Instilling change and adopting new ways of working often comes along with a lot of internal insecurity and challenges. Unlike common believes, creating a “culture of innovation” needs time and planning: we provide you with the power and a tailored path to an encompassing innovation culture and strategy. Ranging from familiarizing single departments with specific innovation methods to a Bootcamp training of higher management levels - our customer-centered approach ensures successful learning.
What kind of trainings do we offer?
We believe that a tailored approach works best for every company. However, below we provide you with some example training that we already have successfully conducted for our clients. Feel free to be inspired by them and contact us for your individual offer.
1. Practitioner Trainings
These trainings enable employees to understand innovation methods and Design Thinking. They help to raise awareness and a common understanding among your employees. We often see quick results, as employees are able to integrate the methods easily in their daily work shortly after.
2. Project Management Trainings


Project Management Trainings have the objective to educate employees in setting up and running innovation projects. We deal with questions covering aspects of team setup, milestone planning, typical deliverables and team conflicts. Your project managers receive the right tools and practical advice to be fully equipped to lead your innovation projects.
3. Executive Trainings
The Executive Training is a very compact training that provides an overview of innovation management and Design Thinking itself. It enables C-Level Management to understand the methodology in short time.
4. Complementary Trainings
Anything you did not find yet about a desired innovation training? We for sure have it! Our complementary trainings feature specialized and focused trainings for all topics in the innovation field. We and our network provide you with international domain experts ensuring the highest quality for your company.
Sounds interesting?
How about a trial session at our public/standardized trainings by d-Swiss?
How to proceed?
We will get together and have a look at your training needs and wants. It provides the basis for our tailored offering that we’ll send to you shortly after. The only thing you have to do is to select the employees to be trained, pick a prefered location and schedule a training date with us. We’ll take care of the rest. Your participants will receive a training package including all materials, templates and further resources, so no knowledge is lost.
Get in touch and give your employees the best innovation training!

 Case studies. 

How the pharma industry prepares for the future:
A large international pharma company wants to ensure a top-notch market position and thrive innovativeness within the company. Hence, the innovation team collaborated with ITMP to design a comprehensive Design Thinking training and education program to be executed in Africa and Europe. They evaluated Design Thinking as a perfectly adequate methodology to enhance their company and culture in order to shape an impactful future strategy.
A series of company-wide Design Thinking workshops were conducted to foster the methodology and mindset among several organizational levels. The company is already beginning to experience the positive influences of the agile method, which fit market needs and enables faster customer testing as well as prototyping. To their advantage this allows them to thrive much earlier in the development/innovation process than with other methods.
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