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- ITMP, University Konstanz & DAAD

How can Design Thinking be used outside of an organizational context? ITMP’s Design Thinking consultants had the chance to show the Design Thinking relevancy in a broader context: establishing it as a mind- and skillset for Syrian young potentials, as part of the educational program “Leadership for Syria”.

The program has been initiated by the Federal Foreign Office and the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen, organized by DAAD and realized by the University of Konstanz.

A total of 200 scholarships enable young Syrians to resume their education in Germany. To ensure this generation is equipped with the right qualifications to help their country, students also attend a program complementary to the E-Learning modules in politics and administration conveying essential management and leadership skills.

ITMP has been integrated in this supporting program with a 2-day Design Thinking workshop. Focus of the workshop has been to teach the 200 students the essentials of Design Thinking by means of a hands-on case. This way, participants learned a management process to develop innovative solutions and were provided with skills to encourage collaboration, as well as creativity.

“I really think Design Thinking can help me and my fellow students to find solutions for our home country and work together towards a new future”, one participant claimed after the workshop.

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