Zugzwang for a large manufacturer in the traditional industrial machinery. The company was facing an increasingly consolidating market and was pressured by digital substitutes on its core business. Hence, the challenge was to reduce cost of processes, increase user centricity of products as well as services and to derive new digital and data driven business models to compensate for loss of sales in their traditional business.


ITMP worked together with the board and the sales/service department to derive a suitable solution for the company's’ business architecture. Nevertheless, due to the uncertainty where to start - the first step in the project had the scope to gain a better understanding of the organization and their positioning in a digital world

Digital Readiness Assessment - Steps


By applying the „Digital Readiness Assessment“, ITMP did analyze the organization from IT, to processes up to their strategy, people, business models and customer centricity. Additionally, we accompanied the development of a digital solution (customer portal) in the company, to gain insights into its ability to develop a cross-functional and customer-centric product. By interviewing more than 20 employees an extensive qualitative view could be given on the company's current situation.


The result was a full „Digital Readiness Assessment“ of the organization. The Digital Readiness Assessment did reveal strengths but also weaknesses of the organization that have stymied the digital transformation. ITMP claimed that there is a need for a change of the organization and corporate culture to overcome the “old age” of manufacturing and transform into a customer centric and digital market leader.

Fields of Action for Digital Development


The results have shown to the board that good starting conditions exist and that first actions have resulted in successful projects. Yet, the digital transformation also requires a wide set of skills and competencies, which have not all been available in the required positions of the company. Furthermore, the extensive analysis of the customer portal revealed that backend processes of the company need improvements to enable transparent interfaces and provide accurate information to the customer. Thus, the company is required to tackle these issues to better promote the digital change and foster the most promising existing approaches.

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Readiness Assessment for

Digital Innovations

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