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The Design Thinking Handbook

How to bring people from a wide range of disciplines at one table so that they can work together and develop an innovative solution? What once seemed utopian was already developed in the 70s at Standford University as a successful concept of Design Thinking, which takes into account human-psychological factors as well as technical, procedural and factors of profitability.


We have published THE guide for "Design Thinking", in the truest sense. The management summary clearly describes what the method actually means. The second part of the elaborately designed book provides a step-by-step guide to how design thinking can be used practically throughout the day. You'll discover a lot of methods and tools that you can immediately apply to your daily business.


The Design Thinking method is explained comprehensibly and systematically, with a large stock of visual material from real projects and case studies.


The tool for innovative business models, services and products.

For those who want to be truly innovative. Enjoy.

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