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One of the most successful Swiss insurances decided to emphasize a human centered culture. Within a competitive environment, they face the traditional players and start-ups changing the business models and providing additional, new customer value. Hence, for this company it was crucial to change their culture and strategy and adapt it, in order to be more agile, human-centered and create customer-relevant services and products.


Letting employees experience what Design Thinking is and enabling them to apply it themselves was the overall goal when we started. On all levels, the company wanted to emphasize a new culture and way of communicating. Design Thinking was chosen to be the perfect mindset, process and tool to give employees the right capabilities for more human-centric approach. 


First, we designed a human centered strategy together with the management level of the company. An “organization within” was founded, which started to take over all communications and organizations of Design Thinking activities. Resulting in one central unit being in charge of human-centered design education and operations. With those we defined which stakeholders in the company will be educated with Design Thinking.


Over a period of 2 years we proceeded with 1-day trainings for all employees. 


In those trainings all participants learned what a Design Thinking approach is: learning by doing. Additionally, they learned how to apply user centric methods and tools used in the Design Thinking process to gain empathy with the users.

After the trainings the participants

·       applied the DT process to a real life challenge

·       internalized synthesizing techniques

·       immersed themselves into a new way of working and approaching problems

·       solved a real life challenge in a diverse small team 


The company used these educational trainings as a precondition for employees in order to be enabled to do Design Thinking workshops. In 2016 and 2017 we assisted small diverse teams in several workshops. 

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