Sometimes you have to plan so far ahead that you need specialised tools. Foresight Thinking is able to define your strategy.



 Our Foresight Thinking approach. 

Foreseeing the future of your business, your services and products.

Nowadays companies and public organisations face dramatic changes that are caused by new arising technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), an increase of automation by robots and bots or new capabilities of analysing data on one hand. On the other hand, companies face shifts in customer and user behaviour too. Laws and assumptions of user behaviour are getting altered at an increased speed.

But how can a business predict these changes more accurately to develop appropriate strategies?

The answer is Foresight Thinking. Foresight Thinking is a comprehensive set of tools enabling visionaries and the management of organisations to think beyond the existing. Developed together with DARPA, it helps leaders to better predict different scenarios for all the changes happening.

How is it different from traditional strategy approaches?

First it tries to look 10+ years ahead! Typical strategy approaches are "just" dealing with 5-year scope but Foresight Thinking reaches beyond. Even in a dramatic changing world this 10+ year scope is important because changes in business require smart moves for building up new capabilities way ahead of time.


Second, Foresight Thinking takes the humans, us, into consideration. As one of the human-centered design (HCD) methods - like Design Thinking -, Foresight Thinking puts the people in the center of the design of new strategies.

What is the outcome of a Foresight project?

The outcomes of such projects are ...

  • White Spots: Based on historical and forward thinking methods the project team will be able to project white spots that can be addressed by the company in the future. These white spots are not just guesses but rationalised with facts and data coming from market trends and intelligent methods to predict future user behaviour.

  • Visions: The foresight team will be able to deliver visions for each white spot. These visions are indications for future businesses and perfect starting points for Design Thinking led projects.


  • Change paths: Lastly, based on the Foresight toolset the team is enabled to think about transformation paths to target an identified white spot.

Download for free:

The Foresight Thinking Handbook:

- Foresight framework

- Ready-to-apply methods

- Variety of case studies

- Underlying theories

 Case studies. 

Future ecosystems for the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is since years under pressure in Europe. Customers of this industry are demanding for lower production costs of machines. But they also want to see a better service portfolio around the hardware. Buzzwords like the Internet of Things (IoT) or Cloud computing are wondering around. All this together made it complicated for our client to identify the right initiatives and to set the appropriate budgets. To create a better understanding of the future we run a project over 3 month for identifying promising opportunity fields. Foresight Thinking gave us a tool at hand which not only focused on the specific industry but also on the entire ecosystem. The mixed team analysed on top of the manufacturing industry other industries like insurance, finance etc. too. Finally we identified the right directions for a digitalisation strategy.

 What services do we offer? 


Customised workshop formats to apply foresight thinking to a given challenge and questions.


If your challenge is too complex you might need to run a short and compact project with specialist. We draft together with you how the future looks like and define strategies based on the outcomes.

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