Foresight for Cross-Industry Services


The printing and printing machine industry is under substantial disruption. On the one hand, markets are shrinking because of a decline in demand. On the other, machine productivity is increasing steadily because of new production technologies. Therefore, our client - world leading in this industry segment - wanted to understand how to complement the existing products and services with services from players of other industries like insurance, finance or delivery.


Together with the top management team and an interdisciplinary selection of team members, we started in July 2015 a discovery journey. To structure the procedure model we used the Foresight Thinking process and tools from Stanford University.


To tackle this challenge, we setup two consecutive workshops and added a right amount of preparation time. During these two, two-day workshops we introduced the necessary tools and let the team work.


As the core result, we derived several opportunity fields for further collaboration with insurances for example. The results were used to enhance the evolving strategy for digitalisation

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