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Innovation Spaces

 Our Innovation Space approach. 

Why does office space design matter?

Cubicles, rigid processes and grey office furniture are things of the past. Globalisation, digitisation and interdisciplinary teams have changed the way we work and interact. Facing these changes also requires a rethinking and transformation of our work environment. In order to accommodate all the different working modes in the modern world, an innovative office space design including single work spaces, teamwork spaces and prototyping areas has to be put into place.


Stimulating and engaging spaces can jump-start and sustain creative-thinking! A dynamic and flexible work environment is a prerequisite for innovative and creative projects and prepares your company for the fast moving and disruptive challenges of the digital era. Furthermore, studies have shown that an appealing and versatile workplace environment has a sustained effect on employee happiness, which in turn can increase productivity by up to 20%.

From our experience a balance of the following characteristics has proven to be essential in innovative office space design:

  • Flexible

  • Inspiring

  • Collaborative

  • Productivity

  • Reflective of culture and core company values

  • Social

  • Fun

What do we offer?

We help you develop concepts for innovation spaces tailored to your needs and company culture. With our partner "Gaudlitz Architekten", we will help you shape an innovation space for your employees. Our expertise and offering ranges from the development of innovative room concepts to the development and construction of entire innovation labs.

  • Experience in developing innovative work space concepts

  • Design Thinking Innovation Spaces from Design Thinking experts

  • Expertise in choosing the right furniture and technical equipment for a thriving and productive work environment

  • Extensive Partner Network comprising architects and interior design specialists

Our integral approach considers all aspects of your daily workplace experience:

How to proceed?

We will get together and have a look at the location and your needs. In collaboration with our partners we will develop first innovation space concepts and finalize a work space concept in close coordination with you. This ensures the resulting office space design is perfectly tailored to your and your employees' needs.

A common project course is given by the following steps:

 1. Visit of the premises

 2. Design Thinking Workshops with employees to determine work modes and needs

 3. Development of a design concept

 4. Review

 5. Realisation of the concept (according to Phases 1-9 of HOAI 2013)

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