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We cooperated with a global insurance company and focused on the Swiss market in order to help them find new solutions around smart home and insurance. The company aim was to capture the trends around Smart Home and combine it with new insurance solutions as a first mover on the Swiss market.


The challenge was defined as follows: how can we help our customers to protect their homes with an optimal solution/combination around smart home and insurance?


We started the research phase by looking at different trends, markets and already existing products. To get a feel for the target market we created a stakeholder map, developed a customer journey and identified touchpoint to the insurance business. During the Needfinding phase many specific needs and behaviors of the customers of the target market were identified and based on the findings, ideas were created and realized into several prototypes.


One example of our final prototypes was a Smart Home Showroom, which was built in one of the main shopping centers in the town of Zurich. The successful implementation was realized together with the Swiss Market entry of one of the leading global smart home devices suppliers. Additionally a main electronics giant was won as a partner for this initiative.

Prototype - Visual Concept Smart Home Showroom

With this high resolution prototype customer needs can be tested and results adapted to future smart home insurance solutions. Only by being close to the customer further needs can be identified to drive successful future solutions.

Real Life - Smart Home Showroom in a Shopping Center in Zurich

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