Learn to think like a Designer - this will help your future strategy, too!

Strategy by Design

 Our Strategy by Design approach. 

The development of comprehensive corporate strategies is an established and traditionally oriented discipline in many organizations. But what happens when your business gets disrupted by new technologies, changing customer and user demands or new arising business models? In these situations most of the traditionally oriented strategy approaches need to get complemented with tools and techniques from the design community.


We call this approach “Strategy by Design”. It is a best practice blend of already proven strategy tools with new techniques from human-centered design. The application of Strategy by Design leads to superior human oriented strategies and helps to support your product innovation efforts in a much better way than the traditional approaches.

How do we run Strategy by Design projects?

We already helped several of our clients to create their strategies according to the principles of design. A three-step approach features key actions which lead to an encompassing strategy:


Step 1 - Explore: Define and explore your problem space.

Step 2 - Synthesize: Gain insights and frame your results for possible solutions.

Step 3 - Strategize: Turn opportunity areas into comprehensive business scenarios and new strategies.







Strategy by Design - Actions & Deliverables


This comprehensive strategy approach allows for meaningful integration of product- and service portfolios. Hence, they are not single, non-connected offerings but well-fitted into an overall vision with processes accommodating them accordingly.


All in all, it comes back to the fact that in order to increase your innovation productivity levels, you need to familiarize your company to Design Thinking and employ it on several - also strategic - levels. This helps you to achieve clarity, figure out whether you are on the right track, and enables you to react quickly to changes. Pretty vital survival skills, don’t you think?!

 Case studies. 

The banking client of the future

With two of the largest banks in Europe we run Foresight projects to better predict user behaviour of the young generation and the progress of existing and arising technology. One specific application thereby addressed the young generation of UHNW (Ultra-high-net worth) individuals. To understand and empathise with this specific target group we conducted several qualitative interviews and observations globally. Based on the field research data and extensive technology benchmarks we were able to construct future user profiles. The profiles gave us the possibility to identify white spots in the market but also in the service portfolio of our client. As a result we globally changed the advisor approach to a coach approach in UNHW banking.

 What services do we offer? 


Customised workshop formats to apply foresight thinking to a given challenge and questions.


If your challenge is too complex you might need to run a short and compact project with specialists. Together with you, we draft how the future looks like and define strategies based on the outcomes.

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