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Our AI learnings of 2023

Let's talk about AI, shall we? We bet you heard that before. But with any disruptive technology, not the technology itself, but its application to solve relevant problems makes it successful.


During our first exploration sprint with selected clients and partners, we learned a lot and for most businesses even getting started with AI seems a challenge. Especially, if you look for its meaningful application. If you feel like this, read further, as we have some insights and a possible solution that can help you in mastering AI for business impact.

At ITMP, innovation is our passion. To be precise, innovation that is focused on customer needs and real-world problems. We support our clients in matching these with new technology.


Start with quick win use cases.

Every organization has its list of ongoing initiatives and challenges to tackle. It is a good starting point to screen for potential AI impact and feasibility of projects. (Hopefully,) there are projects which have been considering AI since before the recent boom. Typical examples are statistically challenging applications such as credit scoring or predictive maintenance.

Customer service is another example which (due to its personnel intensity) has often been looked at with the lens of AI. However, these areas benefit from dramatically increased availability of tools and significantly improved feasibility. It is a typical scenario where a design sprint can validate assumptions fast before engaging into major investments for optimizing existing processes for efficiency gains.

Wollen Sie mehr dazu erfahren? Fragen Sie hier eine Vollversion an.

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Our AI learnings of 2023

Johannes Antoni

Product development and Design Thinking expert

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